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Types of Spanish

I found an interesting article on the use of Spanish in the United States, which includes the opinions of several journalist and linguist on how to differentiate and unify Spanish. One of the main topics discussed is the possible and necessary standardization of Spanish in the media, mainly between international Spanish a

A Spanish Style Manual for the Web

February 11, 2011 1 Comment »

Newspaper editors have style manuals that they follow as a bible. With online dictionaries or references gaining such a strong presence, a multimedia and multi-platform project has emerged that focuses on the proper use of language online and on social networks, blogging and new media. The BBVA Fundéu Foundation will cr

Phone Interpretation: Human vs. Google Interpreter

Google announced that it would be introducing text-to-speech translation via google translate for Android in February 2011. It will be launched in English and Spanish, but will soon be available in more languages. The service consists of a three-step process: • Speech recognition and conversion into text. • Automatic t