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Movie Title Translations

June 24, 2009 5 Comments »

Bad Santa — USA A Not so Saintly Santa — Argentina Santa is a Pervert — Czech Republic With such a straight forward original title, is such a liberal (and odd) translation of a movie title necessary? Marketing research and recent trends say yes. The title may be changed to account for cultural differences,

British to American English Translator

June 17, 2009 3 Comments »

I’ve touched on the topic briefly before, but a recent project led me to further investigate the differences between British English and American English. A quick Internet search on American and British spelling differences provided me with more information than I could possibly digest in a year. This topic is apparen

Song Translations

June 9, 2009 3 Comments »

Veo arboles verdes, rosas rojas tambien Las veo florecer para ti y para mi Y pienso para mi mismo, que mundo tan maravilloso. Sound familiar? I came across a site last week called Song Translator that while entertaining, shows just how difficult it is to produce a top-notch song translation. Like poetry, music lyrics have [

Translation of the US National Anthem

June 5, 2009 1 Comment »

Poetry translations are notoriously difficult and force a translator to walk the fine line between accuracy and beauty. In a similar vein, song translations frequently receive a mixed reception. Case in point: the US National Anthem in Spanish. There have been a number of  “Star Spangled Banner” translations, t

Translating = Thinking

June 4, 2009 2 Comments »

I found this nice little comic strip at Mox’s blog, a site put up by a fellow translator. I liked it because I feel like, to at least some extent, it shows what we translators go through at some point. When we are up to our eyes with work, an upcoming interview, when we can’t […]

How to Write Spanish Accent Marks

Accent marks can be somewhat of a mystery to non-Spanish speakers. Even if the Spanish student (or translator…) remembers where in the word to put the accent mark, he or she still might not be sure how to do so. There are three basic ways to write Spanish accent marks. 1. Keyboard Setup (Windows) –Go […]