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Development of global economy

With the continuous and fast development of global economy, the degree of internationalization is also growing rapidly. Let’s look at China for example. In order to adapt to these new situations, many signs are now in English and Chinese characters. Although with such a complex language, the meaning of the expression

How to really reach your target audience

Understanding the difference between translating and localizing can be confusing for even the most knowledgeable client. Localizing has the added value to interpret the source content and really make it look as it had originally been written in the target language. It’s not only about linguistic perfection and abiding

Budget for next year’s translations

Although not every business dedicates sufficient time to planning and projecting their finances for the next year, budgeting for makes good financial sense! So why not start by budgeting and planning ahead for next year’s translation projects? Get all of the information regarding turn-around times, regular retails rates,