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Who Can Translate Into Mayan?

I received a call from a prospective client the other day who had some documents she needed translated from Mayan into English. When she asked me if we could complete this task, my immediate response was “Sure! We can translate into any Language!”. Little did I know, this simple response would send me into a […]

Account Managers & Project Managers

The notion that good sales people must provide great customer service has only been solidified by the current state of the economy. Overall, whether they are purchasing translation services or advertising space, people expect a lot out of the products and services they buy. Both businesses and consumers have a new perspecti

What to do when negative feedback is received from a client on a translation project

From time to time, it can happen that negative feedback from a client is received after a translation was delivered. Many factors can be involved and most of the time the complaint is quality. In the Translation Industry, it is very important for an Account Manager to completely understand the scope of the translation proje

Motivation Station

Staying motivated at the office after an extended period of time on the job is a challenge for most people no matter what their age or profession. Often, they find themselves repeating the same monotonous tasks while spewing out duplicate emails and conversations all-day-every-day without a new challenge to stimulate their

MT, The Demonized Help

Machine Translation (MT, hereinafter) has been an increasing computer technology interest and, from BabelFish to Intertran and from FreeTranslation to Bing Translator, it actually got better and better every year. The best MT service available out there nowadays is –most likely- Google Translate. Why? Probably due to many

Simplified or Traditional

March 2, 2012 1 Comment »

I am an Account Manager at a worldwide translations agency. Our company can translate into over 250 languages; many of these languages have certain dialects. If someone asks me for a Spanish translation, my first response is: “Which dialect will you need?” 90% of the time the client will automatically respond with “Me