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Motivation Station

Staying motivated at the office after an extended period of time on the job is a challenge for most people no matter what their age or profession. Often, they find themselves repeating the same monotonous tasks while spewing out duplicate emails and conversations all-day-every-day without a new challenge to stimulate their brain.

Below are 3 helpful tips on what you can do to stay self-motivated and how to feel satisfied after a long day’s work.

Stay Positive: Starting out your day and entering the office with a positive mental attitude is an essential part of achieving a successful day. This step of the self-motivation process is essential and, in my opinion, the most important. Find out what helps you stay positive and run with it. Remember, this step starts with you and you alone.

Challenge Yourself: After about 10 minutes on the clock, ask yourself “What can I do today to make my job different?” Start to challenge yourself to think of ways about how to add some variety to your daily routine and then DO IT. You can implement this step by learning something new to increase personal productivity, leave work for lunch at the park or even go to the gym at the end of the day to blow off some steam.

Motivate Others: A few years ago, one of my best friends told me that the most important ability a person could have is the ability to motivate others. After 5 years of working as a senior account manager in the translation industry, I do agree with my friend. Throughout my experience, I have found that staying positive and challenging myself does not only motivate me, but also motivates others around me.

Begin to improve your life today and implement all three of my tips to your schedule as soon as possible.

You will not regret it!

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