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English speakers, raise your Viking helmets!

Professor and researcher Jan Terje Faarlund recently caused quite a stir in the English-speaking world when he claimed that English is in fact a Scandinavian language. According to Faarlund, English has its roots in Old Norse, a North Germanic (Scandinavian) language, and therefore belongs in the linguistic family of Norweg

Holidays with multicultural families

This holiday, like many others we will be gathering at my mother-in-law’s to celebrate the holidays. The crowd that gathers there for Christmas is just as colorful as the lights strung outside on the roof, ranging from various generations to different cultures, languages and foods. For years the tradition has been for the

How to offer a package deal

If you’re looking for creative strategies for selling any translation project, whether small or large, without compromising your profit margin, you should consider offering package deals to your customers. The key to providing any package deal for a translation project is selling value, rather than price. It is important