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Define it, relate it, sell it!

In the business world, definitions are asked for and given on a routine basis. Definitions provide clarity and accuracy so that both the client and the provider can agree to a particular product or service under a certain set of conditions and rules. Failure to provide clear and accurate definitions will not only confuse yo

A Few Words on Interpretation

One of the newer and interesting services that our company offers is Interpretation. Potential kinds of live on-site interpretation services come in all shapes and sizes: from personal escort interpreters, to numerous simultaneous interpreters in a large conference and into a variety of languages. The first concept to clear

Boundary Spanners

Salespeople are “boundary-spanners” in an organization. They may spend more time with customers than with co-workers and have divided loyalties to their customers and firm. Since they see customers — in their setting or context — they have a view that no one else in the organization does. Also to be discussed is the

Did you send a follow-up email?

As the use of smart phones among today’s population has skyrocketed, people are more likely to check their emails and social media accounts while they are on-the-go. Thus, email marketing and communication has become substantially lucrative. Furthermore, sales agents must send follow-up emails after calling their leads, a

The Priceless Price Quote

Following the ideas outlined in my last blog post, today I will elaborate on another fundamental aspect of the Account Manager – Client relationship: the formulation of the price quote. As soon as I, as an Account Manager, receive a request for information from a new client – either through our online form, by phone, [&