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Did you send a follow-up email?

As the use of smart phones among today’s population has skyrocketed, people are more likely to check their emails and social media accounts while they are on-the-go. Thus, email and has become substantially lucrative. Furthermore, sales agents must send follow-up emails after calling their leads, and in doing so, they may receive more feedback and generate more profits.

A well-written and personable email communicates your commitment and professionalism to the client. Furthermore, it is a way to attract new customers and turn existing customers into loyal customers.

Check out these five steps to creating a well-written follow-up email:

1. The Subject Line!

The subject line should never read “FW:Re:Response:”.

Make the subject line specific:  “Quote for Who & Who Attorneys at Law”.

A subject line lets your client know why you are emailing him or her. Also, it allows you to archive and differentiate the email from a previous one.

2. Use a personal introduction such as “I hope this email finds you well.” The personal introduction should demonstrate that you the client.

3. Make sure that the follow–up email is made immediately after or in close proximity to the call. Furthermore, you should refer to your efforts to the client, “I tried calling you this afternoon and left a message, but thought it best to send a follow-up so as to keep you well informed.”

4. Engage the client into the services offered by the company and make them feel valued. Don’t just ask for a . Give them options. Provide clear, concise directions. Ask for the client’s feedback. Never assume what a client wants or needs; always consult them for specifications of the .

5.  Suggest a date that the client should speak with you; a conference call with an account manager encourages them to take action.

Bear these points in mind when your follow-up email, and you will see for yourself the responsiveness of your customers!