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What’s percolating in Latin America?

How do you take your coffee? Whatever your “café” preferences are, I’ve done some homework to find out what’s percolating in our Latin American countries. For households in Latin America, nothing is more important than food rituals. Coffee is one of their favorite beverages and it wakes them up every morning.

Show me the money!

At Trusted Translations, Inc. we strive to separate ourselves from the rest of the agencies out there. We do so by offering choices, alternatives help us save time and aggravation. A prospect does considerable amount of research in finding an agency that best suit their needs. Hence, I believe that the account managers shou

Terminology Management: the Long-Term Solution to Quality and Consistent Translations

As you may already know, translation, which aims to transfer meaning from one language into another, is never an exact science. Cultural and linguistic context can provide multiple translations for one word; for example, car in English can be translated as auto, coche, or carro in Spanish, depending on the country in