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Show me the money!

20727047At Trusted Translations, Inc. we strive to separate ourselves from the rest of the agencies out there. We do so by offering choices, alternatives help us save time and aggravation.

A prospect does considerable amount of research in finding an agency that best suit their needs. Hence, I believe that the account managers should spend some time understanding what kind of services the client offers and what their needs are. This shows a desire to be part of the client’s success and a partner in their growth.

When customizing a project that suits your client’s needs, it is very important to understand their budget. This way you can modify a project as per their needs. You can potentially lose a project by quoting blindly as there are several variables that can affect cost.

So how do you find out what the client’s budget is? Is it as simple as asking? And why will a client disclose their budget, especially if it’s a first time client.

You gain the client’s confidence by educating them and by allowing them to participate in the project. A project can be often completed in stages at different costs. What you are essentially doing here is offering options and thus getting the client involved in the decision making process. You are less likely to lose the project if most of the decision making is handled by the client.

There will be a time when a particular client will refuse sharing the budget but that’s not always the case. At times, clients prefer sharing their budget based on the size of the project. A disclosed budget helps both parties and it allows us to offer the best possible option.

This does not necessarily mean that you should focus only on the client’s budget. You should always consider offering a cost effective option as well. Let the client know that these are just estimates based on your current knowledge of the project, and with further knowledge you can come up with a better quote. Hopefully, the client will respond by telling you which budget option is most realistic, and you can proceed with a better understanding of their budget.

Trusted Translations, Inc. is your one stop shop for a tailor made project that meets your specifications.

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