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Client’s Feedback on Price Quotes: The Right Fit

We receive many requests for a price quote on any given day, which of course require a good deal of effort on both the prospective client’s end, from the account managers, as well as from the back-office.  The three parties involved have one thing in common: we are all collaborating together in order to produce […

How to choose a translation agency

The best approach while selecting a translation provider is to request a sample test from multiple agencies. Consider performing a paid test project starting with the most promising vendor. The test project should have similar requirements as your actual project in all aspects except volume. Measuring the success of your te

The English Language Invasion

With the rapid advancement of globalization and technology, as well as a history of British and U.S. hegemony in the 19th and 20th centuries, English has gained dominance as one of the most important languages in the world. Over 950 million people have adopted it as a second or foreign language, in addition to the […

The Fine Line: Phone vs. E-mail Communication

At many points during the day as an Account Manager – whether I have a price quote to provide, to ask or to answer project-specific questions, or to get feedback on a finalized project – I find myself asking whether I should call or e-mail a client. In general, phone communication serves as a much […]