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How to choose a translation agency

The best approach while selecting a translation provider is to request a sample test from multiple agencies. Consider performing a paid test project starting with the most promising vendor. The test project should have similar requirements as your actual project in all aspects except volume. Measuring the success of your test project depends not only on accurate translations, but on other important factors like responsiveness, timely delivery, meeting technical requirements, willingness to adapt and meet your specific needs, accurate billing and a mutually enjoyable work relationship. Once the test project is completed and delivered. Have several personnel’s on your end evaluate the test. At this point, also specify all preferential/styling issues that you may have.Once the test is accepted and a company is selected, the project starts. At that point a project manager is assigned to manage tasks. Translation tasks may involve multiple translators different from the original translator that worked on the sample. This is not to intentionally deceive the newly acquired client, but often is due to miscommunication or scheduling, availability and cost tradeoffs. The end result will still be acceptable if you have chosen a competent vendor. It is also advisable to ask for references, preferably from clients that they have executed similar projects for. Do your due diligence. Call their clients and ask pertinent questions relating to your requirements. Find out about any problems they encountered and how they were addressed and resolved.  Make sure you can assure yourself of their ability and commitment to retain clients and satisfy budget, schedule and quality requirements. Ask if you will have a dedicated project manager to work on your project. A good project manager trumps a good translator. This project manager will be charged with staffing your projects and making them successful. If you are to test someone, test the project manager’s technical skill, communications abilities and work ethics.

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