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Client’s Feedback on Price Quotes: The Right Fit

We receive many requests for a price quote on any given day, which of course require a good deal of effort on both the prospective ’s end, from the account managers, as well as from the back-office.  The three parties involved have one thing in common: we are all collaborating together in order to produce a translation/interpretation that is the right fit – in terms of price, , and time – for the client.  Since the price is only the first step, ’s important that it be done correctly. It is equally important for step two, client’s , to be received and taken into account.

The main take-away idea of this post, which I cannot stress enough, is for the account manager and the client to actively participate after the price quote has been sent.  This implies following-up and giving feedback on the price quote, as price and time are major aspects that we are able to modify. As an account manager, many times I have quoted an interesting project believing that a client’s main concern was turn-around time, when in fact it was price (the same case applies vice-versa).  Of course, the client – who probably thought that the price quote was set in stone – decided to go with another company, without ever having given any feedback.  When we receive feedback, it helps us to tailor the project to your needs, whether that means modifying the price, the turn-around time, or any other aspects.

I’m convinced that we can deliver the right product at the right price; but I am not convinced that price quotes are always 100% spot-on the first-time around.  That requires work, and it requires feedback.  When the client wants or expects something else, I urge them to let us know this before moving on.  That way, we can see what modifications can be done, so that as mentioned earlier, we all collaborate on a project that is the right fit.