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Planning Your Way to Success

As we all know, planning is one of the most valuable tools to reach success. Steve Jobs did not just wake up one random morning and build an iPhone, Barack Obama did not just wake up and just become President of the United States, and even on a smaller scale, we all have a plan […]

How to quote a document for translation Part 1.

October 21, 2011 1 Comment »

Whenever an Account Manager receives a document for quotation purposes for a potential translation project, it is absolutely necessary for the Account Manager to understand and know the driver of the translation project, in order to quote accordingly. There are 3 possible drivers: Quality, Time and Price. The highest transl

Client cries: Your quote is over our budget!

 A potential client sends a sales rep material they would like a translation quote on. You gather all the project details, have your back-office analyze the files, and with that analysis you determine how much to charge, and send the client a price quote. A couple of days later you receive a call from this […]

Top 4 Tips For Rush Translations

In today’s expanding global market, the importance of delivering high quality projects at competitive prices with tight deadlines has never been so critical.  While working as a senior account manager in the translation industry, I see that “RUSH” projects with short turnaround times are starting to become a common c

Steve Jobs

I would like to start off this blog with this phrase from one of the pioneers of technology and innovation that we lost last week. The person who has single-handedly shaped the world with his creative vision. “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be […]

Do I Really Need a Back-Translation?

A couple of weeks ago I received a request from a very well respected Medical Doctor to have his documents translated, but then he requested to have a back-translation as well. Although this is certainly not the first time I have had this request in my years as an Account Manager for one of the […]

How To Cope With a “No!” From Your Client

October 3, 2011 1 Comment »

I came up with this idea after closing a workshop with my sales staff on how to deal with a “no” from a client. As a bilingual speaker and being in the translation business sector, I am always interested in idioms. For instance, one thing I find funny, and trust me pretty useful too, is […]