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Learn a language, any language

I would like to start this blog off with a phrase I once read from a superintendent of an Oregon school system. “We are the only industrial country where kids don’t learn another language. We are out of line with the rest of the world in terms of second language instruction. Nationally, it’s a problem […]

Keep it simple, Keep it organized

As a new member of the sales team, I have learned the importance of keeping organized and up to date with each and every aspect of the job. As Account Managers (AMs) must build, maintain, and foster a continuing relationship with every client, they must likewise manage every lead, opportunity, and sale. Although every AM [&

Customer Service First

When was the last time you were in need of a service and ended up speaking with a sales or customer service representative with a bad attitude?  My guess is probably not long ago. For example, a common scenario is a company representative answering your call with “Hello, how can I help you?” in a […]

The Lessons of a New Account Manager

As a new entry into the translation industry, my first two months on the job as an Account Manager have taught me a whole new way of seeing translations– from the needs and expectations of different kinds of clients, to the innovative ways in which Project Managers coordinate a project among Translators, Editors, Proofrea