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Customer Service First

When was the last time you were in need of a service and ended up speaking with a sales or customer service representative with a bad attitude?  My guess is probably not long ago.

For example, a common scenario is a company representative answering your call with “Hello, how can I help you?” in a tone of voice which you, as the customer, interpret as “Hello, why are you bothering me today?¨  Intern, this grouchy approach instantly makes the customer want to simply hang up the phone and contact a more approachable company with whom to do business.

As the global market continues to grow, non-visual phone channels are vital tools of communication used to convey your company´s image, which ultimately affects revenue.

All too often, despite the servicing agent’s intention, a company´s true message is misunderstood by the customer.

Below are 3 tips to cut down the chances of unintentionally repelling future clientele.

  1. IDENTIFY CLIENT:  Each individual client is unique. I recommend you engage clients differently during the beginning of the business relationship. The form to implement this is to mimic client’s approach.  If they interact informally, then in my opinion it is acceptable for you to act accordingly. Your overall attitude is the nucleus to a strong project. The more you connect with your client, the less likely a miscommunication will arise.
  2. BE PROFESIONAL:  Remember, you can work an informal business situation while maintaining a professional attitude. Just because the previous tip suggests mirroring client´s approach, does not mean there are no ethics or morals to follow.
  3. APPROACH WITH A SMILE:  Even if you are not in the best mood in the world, you should at least act like you are in a positive mood when speaking with your clients.  The client will pick up on your mood right away and if you show that you are not good than they will assume your service, product and work environment is not too good either and will gladly walk away.
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