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How can we simplify your life today?

Working in the translation industry is exhilarating, but it can be quite challenging as well. It is a complex industry that involves several divisions working cohesively in order to produce a quality finished product. Translating a document might look straightforward but in fact it’s a complex process that involves variou

In Sales-Compete Aggressively but Be Fair!

We live in a very competitive world and, especially in sales, you have to be extremely competitive. However, you should always charge accordingly for the work done. There will be times when the clients might have higher expectations which is when you need to be subtle, professional and educate the client. You should also n

Development of global economy

With the continuous and fast development of global economy, the degree of internationalization is also growing rapidly. Let’s look at China for example. In order to adapt to these new situations, many signs are now in English and Chinese characters. Although with such a complex language, the meaning of the expression