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Development of global economy

With the continuous and fast of global economy, the degree of internationalization is also growing rapidly.

Let’s look at China for example.

In order to adapt to these new situations, many signs are now in English and characters. Although with such a complex , the meaning of the expression may be diametrically opposite due to a poor translation of a word or incorrect punctuation. You may find an amusingly translated sign during your travel abroad and wonder why they are willing to expose these signs without checking whether they are accurate.

Other countries are a bit more resourceful and resort to signs with images in order to properly convey the message and avoid any confusion. However, images can be misinterpreted as well due to many factors that may be cultural, social, location of the sign, etc. Would you consider the border crossing sign on the San Diego/Mexican border to mean watch out for families crossing the highway? could also be inferred as a warning for child kidnapping as we see the little girl in the image flailing behind these 2 adults. If you didn’t know that many people try to cross these borders daily, what might your interpretation of this sign be?

With and experienced , these ridiculous mistakes can be avoided and will be effective for the client in the long . These examples demonstrate that we can’t cut corners when it comes to translation. There are many downsides with an inaccurate or literal translation that clients at times settle for because of bargain rates in the translation industry.

With our clients, we try to build a long term relationship and prove that it is far more beneficial as there is a mutual understanding and trust with the projects that are taken on. The number one benefit of working with Trusted Translations, Inc is our assurance that the client will be receiving superior quality service and product.