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Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is a date that holds a very special place in the hearts of many people around the world. Many countries including the US, celebrate on the second Sunday of the month of May, although other countries around the world may choose a different date altogether. Generally Mother’s day is associates with spring and

How can we simplify your life today?

Working in the translation industry is exhilarating, but it can be quite challenging as well. It is a complex industry that involves several divisions working cohesively in order to produce a quality finished product. Translating a document might look straightforward but in fact it’s a complex process that involves variou

Interpretation Service in the Soccer World

The moment has finally arrived in which the two heavy weights of the European Soccer will finally meet in their first Champions League Semi-Final match; Bayern Munich against Barcelona. The record winning German Champion against the world´s best team with the world´s best player, who is Lionel Messi. The biggest clubs are

A practical way of learning a new language

Look around you and you will see technology entrenched in your daily life, iPhones, Android phones, Blackberry’s, etc. For young on the go professionals, Smartphone apps targeting time management allow users to push a button or glance at a screen and the random events of life seem to come together as a cohesive list. I [&

Turnaround time… it’s no joke!

Turnaround time. Is it a farce? You might think so if you believe that the translation industry operates off of machines. But that is not the case. Translations to this day are still heavily dependent on human translators. Why? Because machines just can´t cut it. You can probably testify to this if you have used […]

Learn a language, any language

I would like to start this blog off with a phrase I once read from a superintendent of an Oregon school system. “We are the only industrial country where kids don’t learn another language. We are out of line with the rest of the world in terms of second language instruction. Nationally, it’s a problem […]

Spanish and English Speaking Translators

August 29, 2008 2 Comments »

I don’t know if it happens in every country, but I feel like in most places people’s speaking and writing is getting worse and worse. And we, the translators, are people too; meaning that, living in this century, in this society, we are no different. We are well aware of the rules, but we don’t […]