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How can we simplify your life today?

2096496Working in the industry is exhilarating, but can be quite challenging as well. It is a complex industry that involves several divisions working cohesively in order to produce a quality finished product.

Translating a document might look straightforward but in fact it’s a complex process that involves various sub-divisions such as translation, editing, proof reading, creative , content management, graphics and IT. Each is customized as per client specifications. Our process involves identifying the client’s needs and understanding their target . Based on this, the project management delegates an industry specific team.  There is a significant amount of research done in order to iron out intricate details such as industry specific terms, glossary, a specific locale, etc.

There is a certain level of discipline and process required. This is what makes us competent!  Also to take into consideration are the tools of the trade such as high-end software and hardware components required to complete time sensitive multifaceted projects. These components are upgraded on a constant basis in order to adapt to an ever changing and growing .

Each project/document flows through these departments in a timely manner in order to meet crucial deadlines required by the .

Trusted Translations, Inc. invests heavily in infrastructure and in personnel. by itself is not enough, it is necessary to empower and believe in your team as well. The account managers rely heavily on the back-end/project management department and vice versa. Working with the right team is fundamental in order to deliver a high quality product.

Simple is beautiful. We work hard to simplify these processes for our clients and to be as detailed as possible in explaining the workflow. We believe that transparency in our work instills client confidence.

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