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John Lennon – “Imagine”

Now, what was Lennon singing about? He was actually talking about mental imagery. Mental imagery is referred to as “visualizing,” “seeing in the mind’s eye,” “hearing in the head,” “imagining the feel of,” etc.). It resembles perceptual experience, but occurs in the absence of the appropriate external

Various Translation Techniques

I would like to start this blog by telling you a story of what actually happened once in our office. A prospect had called our office and wanted to get further information regarding our costs per word and translation services and asked one of our new Account Managers if we had “one of those translation […]

One Language, Many Different Dialects

I could make a whole Clients’ FAQ section just with what I get from them when I receive a new quotation request and ask them to specify what language/ dialect they refer to: –          What do you mean, “what kind of English”?! –          Is there actually a Swiss French?! –    

Don’t be afraid to ask!

One of the fun things about this job, as a sales person, are the sometimes “out there” questions that we get over the phone from prospective clients. “How do I email you my document if it’s physically in my hand? Can you translate 10,000 words in 1 hour? I understand that if you’re not in […]

Team working: Our competitive edge

Some people like swans, some relate with eagles and the weird ones associate themselves with ostriches. What do they like about these noisy, oily, ugly creatures, you may ask? Well, it’s their ability in working together as a team. Ducks are known to work together and accomplish the impossible and unimaginable. Ducks cove

Languages of The United States

February 9, 2012 1 Comment »

What is the official Language of the United States? If you answered “English” to this question, you might want to do a little bit more research. The United States is actually one of the few nations in the World that does not have an “Official Language”. Many lawmakers and politicians have made proposals to make [&he

Seven Tips of how to generate more Sales

February 6, 2012 1 Comment »

As times are getting harder and as the world economy is running on the brink of going through another word wide recession, it is only normal for companies to go through their goals and objectives to see what realistically can be reached and what adjustements might need to be implemented in order to meet these […]

Patience is Out the Window

Welcome to the year 2012 and guess what, time is still of the essence. Because there is a lot of talk around the world regarding this year being our last year on Earth as we know it, I have the growing sense that more people are in even more of a hurry to get things […]