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Don’t be afraid to ask!

One of the fun things about this job, as a , are the sometimes “out there” questions that we get over the phone from prospective . “How do I email you my document if it’s physically in my hand? Can you 10,000 words in 1 hour? I understand that if you’re not in the business you don’t need to know how we do our job, but come on!

Today a new client asked me a question that actually wasn’t THAT out there. She said, “I sometimes hear how something in English – a particular sentence or phrase – doesn’t translate the same way in another language. Do your take that into consideration when and accommodate that by using a correct phrase in that language, or are they strictly translating verbatim?” Why don’t I think that this is a silly question? Well, because I’m sure that there are that do offer that. Luckily, I was able to assure her that we use the 3-Step Process. We Translate, Edit and Proof every document with 3 different translators to make sure everything that goes through us is done perfectly. So, what are the basic things a client needs to provide us so we can send you a right away? Send us the document, let us know what your target language is and do not forget to tell us if you have constraints. Keep the silly questions coming though…They put a smile on my face !