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Don’t be afraid to ask!

One of the fun things about this job, as a sales person, are the sometimes “out there” questions that we get over the phone from prospective clients. “How do I email you my document if ’s physically in my hand? Can you translate 10,000 words in 1 hour? I understand that if you’re not in the business you don’t need to know how we do our job, but come on!

Today a new asked me a question that actually wasn’t THAT out there. She said, “I sometimes hear how something in English – a particular sentence or phrase – doesn’t translate the same way in another . Do your take that into consideration when and accommodate that by using a correct phrase in that language, or are they strictly translating verbatim?” Why don’t I think that this is a silly question? Well, because I’m sure that there are companies that do offer that. Luckily, I was able to assure her that we use the 3-Step Process. We Translate, Edit and Proof every document with 3 different translators to make sure everything that goes through us is done perfectly. So, what are the basic things a client needs to provide us so we can send you a right away? Send us the document, let us know what your is and do not forget to tell us if you have constraints. Keep the silly questions coming though…They put a on my face !