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Don’t be afraid to ask!

One of the fun things about this job, as a sales person, are the sometimes “out there” questions that we get over the phone from prospective clients. “How do I email you my document if it’s physically in my hand? Can you translate 10,000 words in 1 hour? I understand that if you’re not in […]

How to Handle 100 Clients in One Day.

The translation business is much more than translating a document or being an interpreter for an important business meeting. Just like in show business, it takes a lot of people to make things happen. Some of those who make the wheel turn or should I say, make the wheel start to turn, are the people […]

How Do You Translate Slang?

Being a translator let’s you delve into all sorts of territories. You learn a little bit about almost everything you translate. It could be anything from how to build a kite, to what ingredients it takes to make the best chocolate covered strawberries from scratch. What you also learn a lot about is SLANG. So […]

Lost in Translation

The phrase “lost in translation” may remind the average folk of a famous movie title from back in 2003. In that movie two Americans, played by the voluptuous Scarlett Johansson and the comical Bill Murray, meet and share a few melodramatic romantic nights in Tokyo. Translators know that for them “lost in translation�