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Jobs for Immigrants

Job opportunities are becoming more difficult due to the increasing number of Latinos who immigrate to the United States. Is it essential to know more than just English; a wide array of other skills is also of great importance. In addition to knowing the functions, services, rights, responsibilities and obligations that are

Hispanic Trends

If you have a business or company in the United States and are considering investing in Spanish translations, it is important to have access to Hispanic trends, census data, and demographic information. Below are some good resources: United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Statistics – Information and statistics on

Hispanics and Current Affairs in the U.S.

While Hispanic immigrants in the U.S. will need to learn many things, others require adaptation. In addition to a new language and customs, which can be completely foreign to many, immigrants must also develop other essential skills if they wish to settle in the country permanently. It is basic that immigrants know about go

Open Source CAT Tools for Linux

August 6, 2010 2 Comments »

Language professionals are becoming more interested in using open source software in their work. Fortunately, the choice of CAT tools running on Linux has grown considerably over the last few years. Although many have been reluctant to switch from proprietary CAT tools to less expensive or even free open source alternatives

Availability of Bilingual Material

There is growing number of Latinos living in the United States, and their reasons are diverse and may range from economic to educational, to political and social. Although several of them are prepared or have knowledge of the language, many of them enter the country without being bilingual or having the slightest knowledge