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Hispanics and Current Affairs in the U.S.

While Hispanic immigrants in the U.S. will need to learn many things, others require adaptation. In addition to a new language and customs, which can be completely foreign to many, immigrants must also develop other essential skills if they wish to settle in the country permanently.

It is basic that immigrants know about government sites that provide help and information in the state where they are to live, as, for example, general knowledge on health, the education system, etc.

There are also other sites that provide social, economic, cultural, sporting, and religious information, among others, for people who have more experience or lived some time in the U.S.

Below are some general and specialized sites, in Spanish and English, where you can view and obtain information about different topics:



Allied Media Corp.

Negocios Hispanos

Hispanos en USA… sólo para hispanos

El Periódico U.S.A.

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