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Business Translation

I’m always looking for glossaries, dictionaries and other resources that can help working professionals. Thanks to a Venezuelan colleague, in her blog La Traducción al descubierto, I discovered -a dictionary that covers different business areas. It has around 100 terms in English and Spanish with defini

A New Grammar from the Royal Spanish Academy

The Royal Spanish Academy and the Association of Spanish Language Academies present a New Grammar for Spanish Language. This is the first time the academy produces a grammar book since 1931.The two volumes, and a third one being published soon, is a result of eleven year of work from the twenty-two academies of Spanish Lang

Glossary of Neutral Spanish – Part 4

As I promised here’s the last part of the glossary of Neutral Spanish terms, which I shared with you in previous posts. quitar (take off, take out) rabo (tail) rasurar (shave) refresco (soda,”coke”) refrigerador (fridge) renta (rent) retrete, excusado (toilet) rosquillas  (donuts) sabroso (tasty, yummy) sala (liv

The Legality of Translations in Court

In the US, when a transcript contains a translation of conversations spoken in a foreign language, a qualified witness must authenticate and verify the translation. See United States v. Llinas, 603 F.2d 506, 509-10 (5th Cir. 1979). A party who wishes to challenge the accuracy of a translation is responsible for presenting

Glossary of Neutral Spanish – Part 3

This the third part of the glossary (just one more left) is a continuation of the previous posts 1 and 2. Below are words from letter F to P. falda (skirt) fontanero  (plumber) fregadero  (sink; kitchen) fresa (strawberry) frijol (bean) gafas, lentes (glasses) galleta (cracker, cookie) gaveta (drawer) golpiza (beating, th