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Patience is Out the Window

Welcome to the year 2012 and guess what, time is still of the essence. Because there is a lot of talk around the world regarding this year being our last year on Earth as we know , I have the growing sense that more people are in even more of a hurry to get things done than never before.

And I mean NOW.

Below are the 3 principal drivers to continually take into account preceding this year’s translation projects.

TIME – As I had mentioned in my previous blog post Gambling, quick turnaround times often means timesaving methods are being carried out during the work flow to meet deadlines. When there is not sufficient time to administer a correct translation or quality assessment (DTP QA), there is a danger of mistranslation and loss of future . This occurs mainly when translated files are to be printed or financial amounts within contracts are incorrect.

QUALITY – Like I had written in October 2011, starting a project without arranging in advance the is not recommended particularly when you are working under a tight deadline. The most important factors to firmly establish are the target , dialect, tone, register and measurement conversion/localization.  Remember, if you do not follow this crucial step, you will not have the time to alter the translation after the final delivery is completed.

Do not forget the common expression of “You get what you pay for”. This idea can be applied in the translation industry as well. Be aware of companies which may offer under market value price quotes and unrealistic turnaround times because these companies are most likely processing your translations using “under value techniques”.

Whether or not you believe the hype about our planet suddenly lighting up like a match or Big Foot to finally appear to eat our beautiful home like a delicious wild Malus sieversii apple, you should still stop and take a deep breath before you start your important ventures in 2012.