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Seven Tips of how to generate more Sales

February 6, 2012 1 Comment »

As times are getting harder and as the world economy is running on the brink of going through another word wide recession, it is only normal for companies to go through their goals and objectives to see what realistically can be reached and what adjustements might need to be implemented in order to meet these goals. This is not very different for  Translation Agencies. Below, please find 7 points of how more can be generated:

1)    Analyze the biggest Accounts – In our industry, the total number of projects and the total amount of should be detected for each business year (2011 in this case) and these numbers should be analyzed. Account Managers can adjust their offered per Word Rates according to the total Revenue, to see if the client will purchase more projects in 2012. Additional language pairs can be offered to in order to have higher potential of closing translation projects. TMs  (Translation Memories)  can be offered to give the client a monetary benefit, as this will over the long run reduce the translation cost for the client.

2)    E-mail Campaigns – Sending e-mail campaigns by e-mail and offering 10% discounts helps generate more sales and might even persuade long-lost clients to come back and take the offer to his/her advantage. This incorporates an added value to your client and can increase trust and confidence levels.

3)    Increase Database of translators/editors that have TRADOS as this will enable you  to offer Repetitions, Fuzzy Matches, 100% Matches etc. and will make you more competitive on the . This can be a huge benefit for your client.

4)    should be established for all Account Managers, as this will keep them motivated and can result in higher Sales.

5)    Performance feedback – twice a year, the Sales Mgr. should sit down with the AM to give feedback over the AM´s performance. This will enable the AM to improve on bad habits and can result in generating higher Sales if these bad habits will be stopped.

6)    Every Quarter, the per word rates of all language pairs need to be compared to various markets, to see if if the company is still competitive. This can result in higher sales if appropriate actions are taken.

7)   and : whenever the Revenue forecast shows that a “slow” month is coming, additional investment into Adwords and SEO should be invested, in order to overbridge the “low” time period. This means the company can proactively act to overcome slow sales and not react to slow sales.

I hope I was able to give you a few ideas of how higher Sales can be generated, as these points helped our Company a lot to generate more Sales.  Do not forget that all of this goes along with being focused and following your goals.


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  • Commented on February 11, 2012 at 8:04 am

    Thanks for the ideas and tips. We haven’t tried email campaigns before but it’s proably worth testing this method out. Adwords and traditional SEO are a must in our experience. Thanks again.