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Languages of The United States

February 9, 2012 1 Comment »

What is the official Language of the United States? If you answered “” to this question, you might want to do a little bit more research. The United States is actually one of the few nations in the World that does not have an “Official Language”. Many lawmakers and politicians have made proposals to make English the official language, but these requests are always denied at a Federal Level.

I was actually happy to stumble across this information. makes me proud to come from a Country that has no official language. After all, The United States is a nation founded by of foreign lands. I think it is great that we accept everyone’s language as “our own”.

Although English is the most common spoken language in The U.S. (with over 86% of the population being ), you will be surprised to hear how many other are spoken across the “Red, White, and Blue”. is the second most common spoken language in the States, with over 12% of the population being fluent. 12% might not sound like a lot, but The United States actually has the 5th highest level of Spanish Speakers in the World, beating out many Countries who use Spanish as their mother tongue.

There are over 1 million people who speak Vietnamese and Tagalog in The United States. Millions of , Chinese, , Russian, , Polish, and Greek speakers. And let’s not forget the thousands of people who still speak Native American tribal languages or use to .

Being an Account Manager at a World Wide Translations Company, I realize the importance of different languages. With so many languages spoken, not only in The United States but in the World, the need for translations is constantly growing. Translations open the gap between all language barriers and takes communicating or expanding your business to a whole other level.

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