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John Lennon – “Imagine”

Now, what was Lennon singing about? He was actually talking about mental imagery.

Mental imagery is referred to as “visualizing,” “seeing in the mind’s eye,” “hearing in the head,” “imagining the feel of,” etc.).

It resembles perceptual experience, but occurs in the absence of the appropriate external stimuli.

Now, I don’t want to sound like a cocky car . But there will be times when the email or the phone is the only mode of communicating your , , skills, etc.

We, in the industry, are not selling tangible products, which you can see, feel, touch, give value to. We are selling services, services that are offered by our of translators, editors, proofreaders and hard working project managers.

The cost of buying our services starts at the onset of the client’s phone call. No matter if it’s a small 1 page project or a 300 page manual. How you present yourself and your organization is what decides whether you will acquire this project or not.

It is not an easy task to show the client what we do; we do not offer virtual tours to our office, our manufacturing centers or our production line. We explain the process in the best possible way that we can, over the phone, through emails, conference calls, webinars, seminars, etc.

We live in a virtual world today and even though the old school mentality of meet and greet is still credible, we have to do the best we can based on what we have.

By mental imagery, what I mean is to show the client how their project flows through our various departments, how each step is carefully gauged and analyzed. How the account managers and the project managers go back and forth with our various departments to furnish the best possible product that we can.

Not only do we show how the project flows, but also the bottle necks that sometimes are difficult to avoid.

A mental imagery is created when we make our clients SEE through our eyes as to how simple text can be turned into a powerful marketing piece, an instruction manual, forms, brochures, etc.

At Trusted Translations, we take pride in our work and treat document translation as an art. An art that we want our clients to see, appreciate and recommend.

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