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Interpretation Service in the Soccer World

SoccerThe moment has finally arrived in which the two heavy weights of the European Soccer will finally meet in their first Champions League Semi-Final match; Bayern Munich against Barcelona. The record winning German Champion against the world´s best team with the world´s best player, who is Lionel Messi. The biggest clubs are run like Corporations which make hundreds of millions of dollars in each season. The best players from all over the world join the biggest clubs to seek success, which involves not only having to adapt to a new sports environment, but also having to adapt to the region´s , and .

Bayern Munich has numerous foreign players in their team, such as from France, , Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Ukraine, Belgium and Peru. The team is clearly multi-cultural and in order to be able to form a working team, all players need to understand the coach´s instructions and most importantly need to be able to amongst each other.

In the case of Bayern Munich, the language spoken on the pitch is German and as not every player is from Germany, the foreign players that have deficiencies in German are obliged to take German classes, in order to improve their German. In many cases, some players even have personal Interpreters during training sessions or reunions that everything said by the coach and the other instructors.

The language classes and Interpretation Services not only help the foreign players communicate with the other team members, but also help them adapt to their new surroundings. Bayern Munich has done an extraordinary job in their club history to make foreign players feel themselves welcome and accepted to their new surroundings, thanks to the language classes and services they offer to their foreign players.