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Interpretation Service in the Soccer World

The moment has finally arrived in which the two heavy weights of the European Soccer will finally meet in their first Champions League Semi-Final match; Bayern Munich against Barcelona. The record winning German Champion against the world´s best team with the world´s best player, who is Lionel Messi. The biggest clubs are

World Wide Events about Localization

There are a number of organizations who are advocates of the importance of language, localization, and global content. As frequent industry contributors, they organize events to promote quality standarization and help strengthen a community that spreads across the globe. Translation Manager, Localization Managers, Transla

Young Interpreters

Some kids in the U.S. these days are helping their parents in a unique way: by serving as their personal interpreters and translators. Parents that do not speak or understand English get assistance from their kids in everything from ordering a pizza to medical exams. Is this a useful skill for kids or does it […]