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A practical way of learning a new language


Look around you and you will see entrenched in your daily life, iPhones, Android phones, Blackberry’s, etc.

For young on the go professionals, Smartphone apps targeting allow users to push a button or glance at a screen and the random events of life seem to come together as a cohesive list.

I am not saying that any of these apps can truly offer a hard and fast certainty about making sense out of a day, but some apps do provide users an edge.

As we know there are several advantages of learning a . However, in today’s day finding to learn a new language is nearly impossible. We are constantly multi-tasking, juggling work, family, meetings, excursions, etc.

Classes, tutors and online learning programs are expensive and time consuming. You have to invest considerable amount of time and in order to get somewhere.

A great option available nowadays is Smartphone apps that can help you learn a language.

There are mobile apps in several different including , Russian, French, , etc. They all have extensive section with several thousand words and key phrases. You can tailor the practice mode to your own comfort level and study various topics based around everyday situations. You can also get hands on audio-visual learning tools including recordings and photos by native speakers.

There are also apps available that offer monthly services for a small fee. This gives you access to a slew of free apps for the iPhones and the BlackBerry’s. These apps feature a vocabulary trainer with speech recognition for each language and a review manager that remembers the content that you have already studied.

Apps for the Smartphone are fun and handy. Imagine all the time wasted waiting for a doctor’s appointment or in a grocery line or in traffic. Manage your time effectively and use this downtime to learn a new language. The tools and technology are right there at your fingertips.

These apps are available on Google Play (formerly Android Market) and which is also the official store for music, books and movies available for purchase through the store.

A second option will be iTunes which is a media player and has the capability to play, download and organize digital audio and video.