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In Sales-Compete Aggressively but Be Fair!

20981766.thbWe live in a very competitive world and, especially in sales, you have to be extremely competitive. However, you should always charge accordingly for the work done. There will be times when the clients might have higher expectations which is when you need to be subtle, professional and educate the client. You should also never bad mouth the competition to make yourself look good. Bad mouthing a competitor tells the client that you are not well prepared.

Every time you mention a competitor’s name that is free advertisement for them. What if your client has never heard of them?  You have basically given them options. When customers want to do some comparison shopping, give them reasons to buy from you. If price is the main issue, give them reasons why they should do business with you besides price. Focus on quality and service. Customers like to know what they are paying for. Make sure your customers have all the information they need in order to make smart decisions for themselves or their company. No one likes to give customers “too many choices,” but be sure they are aware of what is available. Provide intricate details about the process, the work flow, the structure to the client. Why certain steps are essential and why certain steps should be avoided. This will help instill confidence in your organization.

The more you educate your clients, the better chance you have of establishing a long term mutually beneficial relationship. As clients are based all over the US, the phone is your best friend. Use this valuable tool to secure your clients. Reach out immediately, show intent and urgency. Show that you care and you value their relationship. Make a difference, separate yourself from the herd. Contact us today for a free quote. Our sales professionals are available throughout the day to help you with your translation needs.

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