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Secrets about Quoting and Translating a Website: the easiest and most time- and cost-effective way

We get many phone calls and e-mail from clients interested in having their website translated. With the emergence of growing large markets and increasing internet penetration in various countries, the need to translate a website is just common sense. With the amount of speakers of Chinese, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian,

To Get What You Want…

It is of utmost importance to ask as many questions to the client before passing a quote for a translation. The reason for this is for the Account Manager to know exactly what the client needs and expects, in order to make sure the quote matches his needs and expectations. In other words, the scope […]

English speakers, raise your Viking helmets!

Professor and researcher Jan Terje Faarlund recently caused quite a stir in the English-speaking world when he claimed that English is in fact a Scandinavian language. According to Faarlund, English has its roots in Old Norse, a North Germanic (Scandinavian) language, and therefore belongs in the linguistic family of Norweg

A Little QA May Save Your Project

As clients rush to get translations in on tight deadlines, we as an account management team, production managers, and translator teams feel the same pressure to get your project completed in the best way possible, as quickly as possible. While some projects do not need to be as exact as others and require a lower […]

The One-stop Shop for Technical Translations

As a translation company that provides multiple services to all sorts of different companies, organizations, and private clients, it is fundamental for our clients that our translations be specific and precise to the purposes and objectives of the documents. For this reason, it is important to calibrate the technical level

Same files, different languages

As a multilingual translation company, we regularly receive requests to translate into multiple and often very different languages. Although we do a tremendous amount of work to and from Spanish, our clients also regularly request French, Portuguese (both Brazilian and Portuguese), and other European languages. Increasingly

Client’s Feedback on Price Quotes: The Right Fit

We receive many requests for a price quote on any given day, which of course require a good deal of effort on both the prospective client’s end, from the account managers, as well as from the back-office.  The three parties involved have one thing in common: we are all collaborating together in order to produce […

The Fine Line: Phone vs. E-mail Communication

At many points during the day as an Account Manager – whether I have a price quote to provide, to ask or to answer project-specific questions, or to get feedback on a finalized project – I find myself asking whether I should call or e-mail a client. In general, phone communication serves as a much […]

Dubbing/Lip Synching: Believability and Accuracy

One of the various aspects of the multifaceted translation industry involves Dubbing/Lip Synching.  In essence, dubbing means taking a video sequence done in one language and replacing the source audio track with a new one in the target language.  Lip Synching is the highest quality way of dubbing, using an adapted script

A Few Words on Interpretation

One of the newer and interesting services that our company offers is Interpretation. Potential kinds of live on-site interpretation services come in all shapes and sizes: from personal escort interpreters, to numerous simultaneous interpreters in a large conference and into a variety of languages. The first concept to clear

The Priceless Price Quote

Following the ideas outlined in my last blog post, today I will elaborate on another fundamental aspect of the Account Manager – Client relationship: the formulation of the price quote. As soon as I, as an Account Manager, receive a request for information from a new client – either through our online form, by phone, [&

The Lessons of a New Account Manager

As a new entry into the translation industry, my first two months on the job as an Account Manager have taught me a whole new way of seeing translations– from the needs and expectations of different kinds of clients, to the innovative ways in which Project Managers coordinate a project among Translators, Editors, Proofrea