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Secrets about Quoting and Translating a Website: the easiest and most time- and cost-effective way

We get many calls and e-mail from interested in having their website translated. With the emergence of growing large markets and increasing internet penetration in various countries, the need to translate a website is just common sense. With the amount of speakers of Chinese, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian, as well as numerous other languages, your website to make it accessible to potentially millions of other clients is the first step to take. Many people realize this and ask: can you translate my website, and how? Important questions.

There are generally two ways in which we go about quoting and eventually translating a website. The first way involves downloading your website to our computers, or being granted access to it, and then going in and doing a word, graphics, and formatting count. This will give us the final , which we will then pass onto you, the client. However, in the vast majority of cases, we must work very closely with clients so that they can point out exactly what it is that they want us to translate. Frequently, this takes a needless amount of time and effort on the client’s part, as time is spent simply pointing out what to translate and what not to, while we make notes about it. Also, since web pages generally include text all over them (not just in one area), we must go through each part bit by bit, together. This method will ultimately end up costing the client more time and money.

The suggested way to go about this involves simply sending the text to be translated in a MS Word or MS Excel file. This way, the quote can be processed much more quickly and precisely, and the cost will be, in most cases, dramatically lower. By avoiding (formatting, images, etc.) costs, we can send you back a side-by-side in as many languages as needed. From there, all that is required is for you to input the same text into another version of the website – or, as is likely to occur in a company, simply send the text to be uploaded to the web designer with access to the site. This way of translating websites will require some time and input on the client’s part, but it is much less time and it will ultimately result in us translating exactly what the client wants – nothing more, nothing less, and at a better price.

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