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How to choose a translation agency

The best approach while selecting a translation provider is to request a sample test from multiple agencies. Consider performing a paid test project starting with the most promising vendor. The test project should have similar requirements as your actual project in all aspects except volume. Measuring the success of your te

Boundary Spanners

Salespeople are “boundary-spanners” in an organization. They may spend more time with customers than with co-workers and have divided loyalties to their customers and firm. Since they see customers — in their setting or context — they have a view that no one else in the organization does. Also to be discussed is the

Tools of the TRADE – 2

In this episode, I would like to focus on a very powerful and versatile tool: the phone. The phone is arguably the most powerful tool on your desk. Good salespeople are in demand, and management wants to give them the best possible tools to make them productive. We all understand that selling is a numbers […]