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What’s percolating in Latin America?


How do you take your coffee? Whatever your “café” preferences are, I’ve done some homework to find out what’s percolating in our Latin American countries.

For households in Latin America, nothing is more important than food rituals. Coffee is one of their favorite beverages and it wakes them up every morning. The region is home to a large number of coffee planters, and also roasters who deliver the coffee to the doorstep of consumers around the world.

Most of North America sees coffee as an energy booster and find a way to get in as much caffeine in as short of a time as possible. People are rushing to their office holding a cup of coffee in one hand and the steering wheel of their car in the other hand, is a common scene in the United States.

But in Latin American countries, people do not want to be disturbed while drinking coffee. Coffee accompanies their breakfast of fresh fruit, hot grains, and toast. Coffee is consumed not only in the morning but even after lunch in many countries in the region.

Like so many other areas, Hispanics are leading the country in coffee consumption, according to a study by the National Coffee Association.

What the National Coffee Drinking Trends 2013 market study found was that of the Latinos who participated, 76 percent drank coffee the previous day – a 13 percent increase from the previous year.

In comparison, just 47 percent of African-Americans and 64 percent of Caucasians said they had consumed coffee the day before.

The latest market trends report follows similar findings done by the NCA earlier this year.

Almost three fourths of Latinos drink coffee on a daily basis compared to just 62 percent of the general population.

In addition, Hispanics appear to drink more premium coffee types than non-Hispanic-Americans. Forty-six percent said they drink gourmet coffee every day, compared to 29 percent of non-Hispanics and, for daily espresso consumption, 32 percent versus 11 percent.

As the Hispanic-American population grows, it’s essential for the coffee industry to meet their needs by understanding how they buy,  order and drink coffee.



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