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Budget for next year’s translations

Although not every business dedicates sufficient time to planning and projecting their finances for the next year, budgeting for makes good financial sense!

So why not start by budgeting and planning ahead for next year’s translation projects? Get all of the information regarding turn-around times, regular retails rates, and rush rates. Inevitably, there may be unexpected projects that arise, so it is better to know in advance what a last-minute project will cost you and be able to adjust for higher costs. Otherwise, with sufficient planning and time allowance for turn-around, you can cut down on translation costs and re-allocate them for other necessary expenditures.

Remember that it’s not always about the cheapest translation, but also the best quality. Look for translation service providers that guarantee quality in their production process. If you don’t have your own design team, also consider using a translation agency that can properly format your translations at a competitive price. Make sure that your documents for translation have adequate time for editing and proofreading by a second translator, so that translated materials are presented professionally to your international clients and associates.

Consider which times will be the busiest during the year. When will your conferences and important events take place? How many foreign clients will be attending these events, and will they require live interpretation and translated print materials? At Trusted Translations, we also provide on-site interpretation services, and we can send interpreters and necessary equipment to any location within the Unites States.

To speak with a representative about the costs of translation and receive a free quote, visit our Trusted Translations website.

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