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Song Translations

June 9, 2009 3 Comments »

Veo arboles verdes, rosas rojas tambien

Las veo florecer para ti y para mi

Y pienso para mi mismo, que mundo tan maravilloso.

Sound familiar? I came across a site last week called Song Translator that while entertaining, shows just how difficult is to produce a top-notch song . Like , music lyrics have a rhythm, a feeling, a sound that are notoriously difficult to replicate. The rhyme scheme goes            out the window, the subtle innuendos and word play are often lost and the translated lyrics typically come out stilted and clumsy.

That being said, the site is great if you want to have some fun, maybe laugh at how silly some songs would sound in another .  Guns N’ Roses in ? Luis Miguel in ? The site is however well put together, showing the and English, sometimes along with a Youtube of the original.

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