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How to really reach your target audience

Understanding the difference between translating and localizing can be confusing for even the most knowledgeable client. Localizing has the added value to interpret the source content and really make it look as it had originally been written in the target language. It’s not only about linguistic perfection and abiding

Translating = Thinking

June 4, 2009 2 Comments »

I found this nice little comic strip at Mox’s blog, a site put up by a fellow translator. I liked it because I feel like, to at least some extent, it shows what we translators go through at some point. When we are up to our eyes with work, an upcoming interview, when we can’t […]

The Painstaking Task of Rereading your Translation

Personally, one of the things about translating that gets under my skin is having to check over it once I’m done. I hate it. But after a few jobs where I wanted to bang my head against the wall because I hadn’t gone back over it and spotted my stupid mistake (but of course someone […]