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Christmas Latino

The traditional American Christmas is usually celebrated until December 25, which is the official day of celebration. Children wake up as early, even when the day before was a struggle to get out of bed, and run to the Christmas tree to see what gifts Santa brought them. Adults try to sleep a late, but it’s impossible. The day is followed by a late lunch or an early dinner and watching sports on television or playing games in the patio.

Many Latino-Americans continue these traditions as they assimilate the culture and get used to their new country. But Latinos closer to their roots tend to consider the 24th just as important as the 25th, or even more so for being the birthday of Jesus. Immigrants adapt these customs with their own, and each family mergers new traditions with those of the country of origin. Far from their home and missing their old ways, they do everything possible to incorporate them by introducing their foods and traditions any way they can, and to make it as close as possible to how it was before, at home, while trying to keep alive the memory of their homeland.

For many in the United States, Christmas is synonymous with gifts, parties and last minute visits to the malls. However, for Latinos this is the time of year where the holiday spirit and New Year atmosphere is what is most important. The majority of Latinos are Catholic, so family and sharing with others becomes very important especially during the holidays celebrations.

Celebrations usually start on December 1, or in some cases the day after Thanksgiving, lasting until January 6, the day of the Epiphany (Three Kings Day). It is a time for sharing,  when the family comes closer together, something very common among Latino families that are usually very big and who try not to separate, especially during the holidays. Thanks to this spirit of unity, many Latinos try to spread their traditions in the areas in which they live and to their neighbors, sometimes making a mixture of the traditions of many countries.

Merry Christmas to all Latinos in the world, especially for those living in the United States and trying to make this union produces something better for all people by spreading their customs and promote family unity.

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