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Five helpful tips for an excellent Customer Service

September 9, 2011 1 Comment »

You can have the most experienced and best translation team and offer the lowest prices in the market; however, if the Customer Service that you provide is not to the satisfaction of your client, then the company will not have return clients and, on the long run, your business will not be profitable. A good sales person will be able to sell anything to anyone once, however the level of Customer Service will determine if you will be able to sell to that same person again and turn him/her into a loyal customer. Having a strong and satisfied customer base, will determine a successful business.

Here is a list of actions that need to be done to secure a good Customer Service to your clients:

1) Make sure you answer the phone every time it rings and to respond to all inquiries you receive via e-mail or fax, as soon as possible. Not answering a phone call or not responding to a quotation request on time, can risk the company losing a sale; hence, business and profit.

2) Listen to your clients and know what their needs and wants are. As an Account Manager, you need to find out what the exact scope of the translation project is, in order to make sure to be able to fulfill your client´s needs. Is the client focusing on quality, cost or turnaround time? Offering a prospect a certain Service that he or she does not need, may make you lose business.

3) Know your Product and Train your Staff: If your Staff, that has daily contact with your clients, does not know the translation production procedures well and is not able to educate the client, a potential sale can be lost and a potential complaint may form.

4) Keeping up delivery schedules. If a certain delivery date and time have been agreed upon, make sure to keep up the agreement, as this can cause serious problems to the client.

5) Responsiveness and Availability: Make sure you get back to your prospect and client within a reasonable time frame. In addition, let your client know exactly what your exact working hours are, so you don´t get back to a client the following day, and the client expected your response the same day.

Stay positive with difficult and demanding clients, don´t forget to be empathic if an upset client calls you and most importantly, enjoy your work, as this will reflect on your Performance and Customer Service Satisfaction Level.

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