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Great Expectations Getting You Down?

Have you ever felt let down because things just didn’t go your way? Maybe you didn’t get first place in the competition, failed to get that special guy or girl’s attention, didn’t get that promotion at work, or maybe you lost a client due to factors that were out of your control.  Well, welcome to […]

Boundary Spanners

Salespeople are “boundary-spanners” in an organization. They may spend more time with customers than with co-workers and have divided loyalties to their customers and firm. Since they see customers — in their setting or context — they have a view that no one else in the organization does. Also to be discussed is the

Difficult times

It has become more and more difficult to win new clients and maintain the existing ones as the global economy is experiencing one of its toughest moments in history. Unemployment rates are rising in all continents, governments are in record high debts and there doesn’t seem to be any clear solutions on the horizon. Ho