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What Your End-Client Should Know about Translation…

It all starts with one thing, effective communication. Effective communication is a key component of all relationships, whether personal or professional. The same is true when you find yourself tasked with carrying out a multilingual translation project with countless moving parts and multiple teams involved. This valuable

What is Transcription, and What is its Place in the Translation Process?

At Trusted Translations we offer a wide range of services that act as a turnkey solution for our customers to effectively communicate with audiences all around the globe. Many of our core service offerings are regularly discussed here in our blog, but the truth is there are many other supporting services also worthy of some

The Fine Line: Phone vs. E-mail Communication

At many points during the day as an Account Manager – whether I have a price quote to provide, to ask or to answer project-specific questions, or to get feedback on a finalized project – I find myself asking whether I should call or e-mail a client. In general, phone communication serves as a much […]

Does test translation mean investing in your prospects?

November 22, 2011 2 Comments »

Have you ever asked a translation agency to provide you with a client reference or a test translation before you use their services? I am very sure you have, as in today´s translation industry there are millions of translation agencies offering you their services. How does one differentiate one agency from the other? Price

Crowdsourcing Translation

Crowdsourcing, also known as massive outsourcing or voluntary subcontracting, is outsourcing a task, that was traditionally done by an employee or a contractor, to a large group of people or a community through an open call. As of late, the Internet has used it to introduce and manage new projects. This is how it works: t