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Free at Last.

January 17, 2012 1 Comment »

I would like to break away from my normal blog routine this week to pay homage to one of the greatest men that has ever walked the face of the earth. On January 15th, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia a young boy was born. One day this young boy would grow up to change the world.

Martin Luther King Jr. would grow to be the most important civil rights leader ever. I am not writing this blog to give you a history class on Mr. King’s life, but rather to remind you of the message he taught us. He taught the world how to love. He taught us not to judge people by the color of their skin, or how much money they have, or what their job is. He taught us to rather look at “the content of that person’s character”. He challenged the world to look beneath the surface of human flesh, and to judge people on what they hold in their hearts, and what they have on the inside…not the outside.

Can you imagine a world where people have to use a different bathroom than you because of the color of their skin? Can you imagine a world that denied a human being the right to an education because their back ground was not European? Can you imagine a world that denied an Afro-American man the right to vote, the right to ride a bus, The right to go to the movies, or The right to live amongst society ? I cannot imagine this, or would even want to imagine what this world was like. Can you believe that the world was like this some 50 odd years ago? People in my generation, who did not grow up and see “this world” first hand, sometimes forget how recent these times were.

To show you what kind of impact Martin Luther King Jr. has had on this world, you can find his speeches and books translated into almost every spoken language. His videos on YouTube have been subtitled, something that allows you to sense the emotional tone of his voice and to fully understand the meaning of his thrilling speeches. His face can be recognized across the world, and his message knows no language.

I would like to thank Mr. King for changing this world. I would like to thank him for living in a world that we can be proud of. I would like to thank him for showing the world that we are all equal. That we all can love,that we can all live together as one. Are we perfect? No, not even close…but I would say we are doing better. Thank you Martin Luther King!

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