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Hispanic Advertising Agencies

This is another business area which is experiencing a booming in the United States.

Growth in the Latino population translates into growth of the industry specialized in this area: it’s an unstoppable trend.

The economic strength of Hispanics is generating a growth in the number of advertising agencies focused on this sector. This goes hand in hand with an increased interest from U.S. advertisers to aim part of their budgets to Latino ad campaigns.

As discussed in this article, written in , in 2004 the U.S. spent $ 3.091 million on advertisements targeted toward the . This represents a 10.8% increase over 2003, when the total reached 2.790 million, according to figures published by AdAge in its special : Hispanic Fact Pack.

Buffagni Paul, president of the Circle Makers of the and creative director of the agency Conill & Saatchi (Los Angeles) believes that this success is due to “market growth and purchasing power.”

According to data from the , there are 41.3 million Hispanics currently living in the United States, all of whom are potential customers and are part of the fastest growing minority in this country, who have a purchasing power estimated at 600.000 billion.

Houston, San Antonio, New York, Miami and Los Angeles are the main cities chosen by the agencies to open their offices. They have done so both independently and as partnering with some of the big global advertising networks.

Another big market is Miami, where 11 of its advertising agencies are considered to be among the top 50 in the United States.

Digital Advertising Online

Online advertising is another large and fast growing industry in the advertising field.

“The growth comes at the expense of the agencies that target the main stream market”, says the newspaper La Flecha.

Online Digital Hispanic advertising increasingly appeals to Latino agencies. Although advertising agencies in the United States still control half of the turnover, the main stream market faces a tougher competition from Hispanic agencies, which meet the needs of advertisers who want to connect with that segment of the population.

The growing demand of Hispanic is helping create new Hispanic digital agencies, as well as the creation of digital departments in existing agencies.