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How to Become a Translator Part 4

The final step in this series is on the most crucial step for any aspiring translator- finding jobs. You basically have two options here, you work freelance or are on staff at a . In this post, we will go over some of the pros and cons of these two paths.

Translation Agency

The translation agency serves as the liaison between you and the . You can choose to work either as a contact for them, meaning they will offer you , or you can work in house, which provides you with many more opportunities, but greater responsibility and a set work schedule. Most translation companies will give you a test before you begin and then put you into a database of translators for your language pair or pairs. If you do well on your projects, you should receive more in the future. If you do poorly, then you may be erased from the database forever. You can find translation agencies by searching online and then sending them a professional cover letter and resume.

This is what I assume most translators aspire to. The freedom to set your own hours, work from wherever you like, set your own rates, etc. But this goal is no walk in the park and is usually preceded by years of searching for clients, marketing yourself relentlessly and learning the side of . You must first find your  clients, then work steadily to establish and nurture these relationships. can be a very satisfying and very taxing career choice.