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Would you like fries with that !!!

One of the quickest ways to increase your is through , or selling more pricy or add-on products to customers at the they are placing an order.

It’s a great way to increase your revenues, since consumers are basically in a purchasing frame of mind at that time. This can work for products or services.

The key steps to a good up-selling program are to know the value of your products and services, to develop new options and to figure out what your target demand is seeking out when purchasing a product/ like the one you offer.

Know the value of your product! Value, like a coin, has two different sides: the value or profitability of the product to you, and the value or usefulness of the product to your consumer.

Figure out what others have bought, have a look at prior sales and see what products your consumers often purchased together. This will give you additional ideas and insight as to what add-ons go with what primary products.

We now have enough information to develop your up-selling pitch. This is as simple as asking your buyer “Would you like —- with that?” at the time of the purchase.

This can be applied for as well by offering new options like DTP, IT, and management services.

Another thing to note: There is often less resistance at the point of sale for add-on products or services.

You are now ready to go…Happy up-selling!!!