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Spanish Words in English

With so much often said about the into the language, one often forgets that borrowed words and are a two-way street. has its share of linguistic contributions from Spanish, words that come from , Cuba, and beyond. The two most common classifications are , which maintain the original meaning and spelling, and true loan words, which have the same or a similar meaning, but with an adapted spelling.

Foreign words– these are Spanish words that most English speakers will understand, though probably pronounce with a dubious accent.

“There’s a fiesta at Brody’s house tonight!

“Easy there macho man!”

“Don’t you know I’m loco?

Loan words- these are words that originate from Spanish, but have a different spelling, different meaning, or both.

“I’ll have a strawberry daiquiri.” (The word daiquiri comes from the name of a town in Cuba, which is a leading producer of rum and was once home to the Bacardi brand.)

“My dream is to go skiing in Colorado.” (Colorado means reddish or colored in Spanish.)

“I want a Corona and some nachos.” (As the story goes, the chips and cheese snack known as Nachos was invented by an Ignacio Anaya. Nacho is the for Ignacio.

These are just a few of the many, many examples of Spanish’s influence on the English language. So the next you’re having nachos and a daiquiri in Colorado, be thankful that the locos are fighting a losing battle.